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August 1, 2010


Green Roof Planned for New Osaka Station Building

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West Japan Railway Company (JR West), a major Japanese railway company, announced on May 28, 2010, that it plans to add a green roof on its new building, Osaka Station City is a new shopping and office complex connected with JR Osaka Station, and is scheduled for completion in spring 2011. The green roof will function as a small farm and it will be located on the roof of the 14th floor of the North Gate Building. In Japanese, the small farm will be called "Tenku no Noen" which means "Farm in the Sky." JR Osaka Station is JR West's busiest station, and is surrounded by the largest business, shopping and entertainment district in western Japan.

There will be vegetable gardens and rice paddies on the rooftop farm so that people can enjoy gardening right above the bustling station. JR West is considering running the farm in a participatory style in which people can actually grow, harvest, and enjoy vegetables and fruits. They are also considering environmental activities such as composting garbage.

The Farm in the Sky is one of the eight open spaces to be located in Osaka Station City. Those open spaces are being designed under five common themes: water, greenery, time, environment, and information, and each space will have unique features to let visitors feel and experience the five themes.

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Posted: 2010/08/01 06:00:15 AM

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