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July 12, 2010


Pizza Hut Announces Japan-wide Sale of Pizzas made from Domestic Rice Flour

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Pizza Hut Inc., a major pizza delivery chain with branches all over Japan, has been selling pizzas made using domestic rice flour since May 2010. In support of the activities of "Food Action Nippon," which runs national campaigns to improve Japan's food self-sufficiency, and its Rice Flour Club, which promotes rice flour consumption, Pizza Hut has begun using rice flour in its pizza dough.

Pizza Hut has refined its dough recipe to maintain its unique texture and flavor over the past three years, as this was the company's highest priority regarding the introduction of rice flour. To ensure safety and reliability, as well as consistency in the quality and quantity of rice, the company opted to use Koshihikari brand rice from contracted farmers in Tainai City, Niigata Prefecture, and succeeded in creating good rice flour by milling the Koshihikari using two-step milling technology.

Pizza Hut became a partner in the "Food Action Nippon" promotion in September 2009, aiming to promote domestic agricultural production. It has also joined the Rice Flour Club as part of its sale of pizzas made from rice flour. Pizza Hut now aims to develop other rice flour products in order to act as a bridge between rice producers and consumers.

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Posted: 2010/07/12 06:00:15 AM