May 6, 2010


Environment Ministry Releases '2008 Fact Sheet for Chemical Substances'

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The Japanese Ministry of the Environment released the 2008 Fact Sheet for Chemical Substances on February 4, 2010. The Ministry has annually compiled and published this concise and easy-to-understand fact sheet since 2003, providing information on chemical substances that are under the scope of the "Law Concerning Reporting, etc. of Releases to the Environment of Specific Chemical Substances and Promoting Improvements in their Management."

The 2008 edition, which consists of updated information on 259 substances from the previous edition as well as additional information on 44 newly selected chemical substances, is now available on the Ministry's web site (URL is cited below). Fact sheet booklets, available in Japanese only, will be distributed for free upon request, but those requesting the booklets will be responsible for shipping charges.

The fact sheet contains an about a two-page summary and a one-page chart including the following information for each substance: 1) Common name, chemical name including synonym(s), the Pollutant Release and Transfer (PRTR) ordinance number, the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) registry number, and structural formula with a brief summary; 2) Industrial and consumer product uses, emissions and circulation, movement in the environment, health effects - hazardousness, absorption and egestion, and environmental impacts; and 3) A list of basic information including properties, production amount, volume of emissions and amount in circulation, the reason it is subject to PRTR, environmental data, applicable laws, and references.

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Posted: 2010/05/06 06:00:15 AM