July 15, 2006


Environment Ministry Releases Annual Guidebook on Chemical Management Data

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The Japanese Ministry of the Environment has prepared an annual guidebook for citizens on Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) data, the ministry announced on March 16, 2006. The latest edition, which contains fiscal 2004 results of PRTR data, provides comprehensive explanations of the PRTR system and data. Using specific examples, it also suggests things that ordinary citizens can do regarding the management of chemicals.

Under the PRTR system, businesses are required to report quantities of designated chemicals that are released into the environment and transferred off-site, while the government compiles the data and publishes the results annually. The system is designed to raise awareness about the control of chemicals and facilitate risk communication among citizens, private businesses and governments on an equal footing, by encouraging them to share information about the effects of chemicals on human health and ecosystems.

The guidebook consists of four chapters: (1) What is the PRTR System? (2) PRTR Data, (3) What We Can Do, and (4) Want to Know More? It also provides a glossary of terms and hints for reading PRTR data, to help citizens have a better understanding of the PRTR system and get more involved in chemical control efforts in society as a whole.

The guidebook (in Japanese) is available for download from the ministry's website.

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Posted: 2006/07/15 09:11:02 AM
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