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April 13, 2010


METI Announces International Standardization Roadmap for Smart Grid  

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The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan announced the "International Standardization Roadmap for Smart Grid" on January 28, 2010. The roadmap is the outcome of the research of a study group established in August 2009 to examine the global standardization of the technologies for next generation energy systems.

The Smart Grid is a next generation power transmission network that uses information technology to monitor and control power transmission. Because smart grids comprise a broad range of technologies, it is crucial to establish standards for these technologies to ensure that they are mutually compatible.

The study group first identified seven technologies involved in a smart grid: wide-area situational awareness systems, grid storage batteries, transmission network management, demand response, demand side energy storage, electric vehicles and advance metering infrastructure (AMI) systems. Then the group sorted out and listed in the roadmap 26 important technological elements to be standardized in order to establish the seven technologies. The study group will spend next three years working on the 26 issues listed in the roadmap.

In order to strategically promote the global standardization of smart grid related technologies, the ministry intends to implement four measures: it will strengthen its support system, offer assistance in technology development, establish a public-private forum tentatively called the "Smart Grid Promotion Council" to assist overseas' operations, and promote information exchange and partnership with other countries including the United States, European countries and China.

Posted: 2010/04/13 06:00:15 AM