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April 24, 2009


Nation-Wide Survey Says 17.6% of Japanese Know about 'Fair Trade'

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Copyright Executive committee of Chocolate Revolution

Team Choco-Revo!!, the executive committee of Chocolate Revolution conducted a national survey on awareness of fair trade among Japanese in November 2008. The committee is a non-profit organization, and is engaged in campaign activities environment-friendly and labor-friendly chocolate. According to the survey, 17.6 percent of respondents knew the expression "fair trade", and also knew that it was a keyword relating to poverty and environment.

The survey, targeting males and females aged between 20 and 59, received 1,040 responses. After reading descriptions about fair trade, 27.7 percent of respondents said they took a strong interest in it, and 51.8 percent said they took an interest. The results showed female respondents were more aware of and more concerned about fair trade than males.

Fair trade is a system that supports producers in developing countries to improve their standard of living by continuously trading crops and products at fair prices. West African countries generate most of the world's cacao beans used for chocolate production; however, the reality is that many children work longer hours and surrounding forests are being cut down. To improve the situation, international fair trade organizations set restrictions on child labor and standards for environmental conservation.

With the current situation in mind, Team Choco-Revo!! is making efforts to deliver a message to consumers that choosing "environment-friendly and labor-friendly chocolate" brings about changes for a better world, while encouraging companies and organizations to further promote or introduce fair trade chocolate.

- [Sustainability College] Expanding Fair Trade for Poverty-Free World
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Posted: 2009/04/24 06:00:15 AM