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December 4, 2008


JCB Starts Operating Platform for Eco Action Point Program

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JCB Co., a global credit card operator of Japan, started operating a platform for the Eco Action Point Program on June 20, 2008, commissioned by Japan's Ministry of the Environment (MOE). Having started offering services via the platform to customers in Hokkaido on July 1, 2008, for the Hokkaido Area Eco Action Point Program promoted by the Hokkaido Environment Foundation, the company began expanding such services throughout Japan in October 2008.

JCB has contracted with the MOE to develop and operate an "eco-point" system available nationwide. The company established the platform for program sponsor companies to manage the system and prepared individual accounts for participants to accumulate points. Under the program, when customers purchase sponsor companies' products or services eligible for eco-points, they earn the points registered for each product or service and accumulate the points in their accounts by registering the action number attached on each project via their mobile phones or computers.

The participants can check their point balance on the Internet. The accumulated points can be exchanged for products or services selected from a variety of options offered by JCB, such as train tickets, daily goods and donations to help protect the environment.

The Ministry of the Environment promotes the Eco Action Point Program, in which consumers can collect the points that can be exchanged for goods or other items by purchasing energy-saving products or services for environmental conservation, with the aim of encouraging consumers to protect the environment in a familiar and easy-to-understand way and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from households.

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Posted: 2008/12/04 06:30:53 AM