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November 23, 2008


INAX Releases New Water Saving Toilet Fixtures for Public Use

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Water Saving Toilet
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On August 1, 2008, INAX Corporation, a Japanese major supplier of sanitary fixtures and building materials, launched sales of new products for public restrooms; a waterless urinal that needs no flush water, and a wall mount toilet bowl for the water-saving six liter flush toilet series,"ECO6." Both items are expected to save significant amounts of water.

The waterless urinal consists of a sanitary fixture and a cartridge that contains a lighter-than-water sealant liquid. The sealant liquid caps the cartridge and prevents odor from urine. The lack of water prevents the formation of water stains, and the simple, streamline shape makes cleaning much easier.

The wall mount toilet bowl is the latest product in the "ECO 6" series, with several water-saving improvements. To get sufficient flushing power, it is designed to utilize the entire six liters of water stored in the upper part of the bowl, with the bowl interior and trap shaped optimally for water flow.

The company estimates that the use of these two products into a 10-floor office building; 30 waterless urinals and 30 wall mount toilet bowls to be used by 600 men and 400 women for the 265-day work year, would result in annual cost reductions of about 8.57 million yen (about U.S.$81,600) and decrease carbon dioxide emission by about 7.6 tons.

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Posted: 2008/11/23 06:32:20 AM