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July 3, 2008


Kyocera Supplies Solar Power Systems to 500 Non-Electrified Houses in Tunisia

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On January 31, 2008, Kyocera Corp, a Japanese manufacturer of electronic components and photovoltaic (PV) systems, announced that it would deliver and install PV systems in the Republic of Tunisia. Kyocera will do this as part of a yen-loan-financed project of the Japanese government through Itochu Corp., a major Japanese trading company, which won the contract. This is the first yen-loan-financed project to deliver and install PV systems.

Kyocera plans to install its PV systems successively from April 2008 for 500 households that have no access to electricity in the three Tunisian governorates of Kef, Siliana and Beja. These systems charge storage batteries with power generated during the day and make the power available for residential lighting and other needs at night. Making it possible for villagers to study or work at night, these systems are considered to improve the villagers' quality of life and contribute to the development of the villages.

Recent estimates indicate that approximately 1.6 billion people, about one quarter of the global population, remain without electricity. Many of these people live in areas where geography or other factors make power transmission difficult. Therefore solar cells, which offer independent power sources, are expected to achieve both environmental preservation and economic development.

Posted: 2008/07/03 11:05:21 PM