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June 8, 2008


World's First Solar Cell Phone Straps Go on Sale

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Strapya Next Co., a Japanese online cell phone strap and accessory shop, started selling the world's first solar-powered cell phone strap, named the "Solar Charger ECO Cell Phone Strap," on February 5, 2008.

The strap features a solar panel on its front and a nickel metal hydride battery inside, which can fully charge the device within six hours in sunlight, making it usable for up to 40 minutes of talk time. With an AC connector socket at the bottom, it can also be charged using an AC adapter for cell phones. The connector on the top is to be attached to a cell phone when charging. It is rechargeable for up to 500 times. The company will also donate part of its profits to the "more trees" project promoted by Ryuichi Sakamoto, a well-known Japanese musician.

The strap is compatible with major Japanese phone models and the company plans to make it compatible with cell phones used overseas from the summer of 2008, aiming to sell one million of the straps worldwide by the end of the year.

Posted: 2008/06/08 08:47:33 AM