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May 30, 2008


Public Poll Shows Increased Expectation on Science and Technology to Solve Environmental Issues

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On February 4, 2008, the Cabinet Office of Japan released the results of a public opinion survey on science, technology and society, which was conducted in December 2007. According to the survey, 62.1% answered that they expected the advancement of science and technology to solve emerging social problems, such as resource and energy issues and environmental problems. The ratio doubled from 34.9% in the last survey conducted in February 2004.

The percentage of those who responded "interested in news and topics on science and technology" rose to 61.1% from 52.7%. Among those who answered "not interested," those in their twenties accounted for more than other age groups. TV, newspaper and the Internet were the top three news sources people rely on to acquire information on science and technology. However, the share of TV decreased while that of the Internet increased since the previous survey.

In response to the question "Which areas should science and technology make contributions to? (multiple choices)," 72.8% answered "conservation of the global environment and natural environment," up 7.5% from the previous poll, 71.4% answered "development, utilization and recycling of resources and energies" and 48.5% answered "waste treatment." When asked about "areas that you are concerned about by the advancement of science and technology (multiple choices)," 59.7% chose "food safety including genetically-modified organisms," 57.0% chose "global environmental problems including acid rain and global warming," up by 8.3%, and 51.7% chose "IT-related crimes including cyber terrorism and unauthorized access."


Posted: 2008/05/30 10:59:39 PM