Energy / Climate Change

March 23, 2008


MOE to Research Ways to Display CO2 Emissions from Products and Services

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The Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE) announced that in drawing up its budget proposal for fiscal 2008, it will include plans for research during FY 2008 that aims to determine how to make CO2 emissions from products and services more visible and display them in a quantitative and consumer-friendly manner.

Specifically, the MOE will look into how to evaluate and quantify CO2 emissions at various stages, such as manufacture and use. They also plan to consider ways to show how much CO2 will be reduced by purchasing new energy-saving products so that consumers can easily take these values into consideration.

The MOE intends to establish methods to visualize and benchmark CO2 emissions as a way of changing the way business owners and households think, and to induce practical action. They hope this will reduce CO2 emissions from the household, business and industrial sectors. The MOE is already requesting 20 million yen (about U.S.$172 thousand) for research related to this project.

Posted: 2008/03/23 10:51:56 PM