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December 30, 2007


Japanese Publisher Offers World's First 'Carbon Offset Subscription'

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Kirakusha Inc., a Japanese ecological publisher, started a "Carbon Offset Subscription" program in September 2007. It is based on a one-year subscription to the company's monthly magazine "Sotokoto", which advocates lifestyle choices that balance ecology and amenity. The program is the first of its kind in the world, taking the form of a magazine subscription to offer carbon credits.

The program will use carbon credits as a support tool for individuals to engage in carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reductions, and help the subscribers contribute to the nation's efforts to attain its minus six percent CO2 emission reduction target under the Kyoto Protocol. Under the program, in order to reflect the subscribers' desire to join in the national campaign to reduce individual CO2 emissions by one kg per day, or 365 kg a year, the company will buy the equivalent carbon credits with the money extracted from the annual subscription fees.

Kirakusha will provide their subscribers with certificates confirming their contribution to CO2 emission reductions. The company will continue making efforts to reduce environmental impacts and to fight global warming, in cooperation with their readers.

Posted: 2007/12/30 12:11:09 PM
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