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October 31, 2007


National Campaign Aims to Reduce Individual CO2 Emissions by 1 kg per Day

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"Team Minus 6 %," a government-led campaign by Japan's Ministry of the Environment, launched a website called "Go for it! Let's reduce individual CO2 emissions by 1 kg per day "on June 26, 2007. The aim of the site is to support a national citizens' initiative in connection with "Cool Earth 50," a new strategy against global warming, announced in May 2007 by the then-Prime Minister Abe, who headed the "team."

The website contains familiar and practical examples to prevent global warming as a menu of options that people can try to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, for example: controlling the temperature settings on air-conditioners, reducing the consumption of water and electricity, choosing "green" products, using environmentally-friendly driving practices, reducing garbage disposal, and considering shopping habits.

Users choose actions on the website, which calculates the total CO2 reduction, an amount that is then submitted as a person's "My Challenge Declaration." An awareness-raising tool is also available for download from the site. The ideas for CO2 emissions reductions were gathered broadly from the public nationwide.

Moreover, a promotional campaign to purchase energy-saving products produced by Japanese excellent "green" technology was conducted in Tokyo several times in June 2007. The campaign had a stage for hands-on experience for participants to learn about the efficiency of fluorescent compared with incandescent lights. There was also an exhibition on CO2 emissions from home appliances, as well as educational quizzes for participants and surveys on people's attitudes about energy-efficient products. The survey findings will be used as a basis to encourage people to buy more energy-saving products.
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Posted: 2007/10/31 11:37:43 AM
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