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September 20, 2007


Kuwait to Adopt Japanese Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology

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Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) decided to introduce a power generation and water production system utilizing ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technology developed by a Japanese venture, Xenesys Inc. KNPC and Xenesys will sign an official contract in the summer of 2007.

OTEC is a clean power generation system utilizing temperature difference between cold deep seawater and the warmer surface. As it needs a difference of 15 degrees Celsius or more to generate electricity without any fuel, tropical and sub-tropical regions within 30 degrees of the equator are suitable for this system.

Technological development of OTEC began in earnest after the oil crisis of the 1970s. The world's first practical OTEC plant became feasible with the invention of a new OTEC system known as the "Uehara Cycle" developed by the research team of Dr. Haruo Uehara at Saga University, Japan. Obtaining an exclusive license of the government-patented system, Xenesys developed practical technologies for OTEC power generation and water production through its joint research with Saga University.

Saudi Arabia is considering the construction of this new OTC plant as well. Xenesys is also working to introduce its new technology to Thailand and other countries along the Indian Ocean.

Posted: 2007/09/20 03:20:36 PM
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