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September 10, 2007


'Low-E' Glass a Tool to Combat Global Warming

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The Flat Glass Manufacturers Association (FGMA) of Japan has been conducting an awareness campaign to promote low emissivity (dubbed "Low-E") glass since April 2006. Low-E double grazing unit excels over regular double grazing unit in lowering heat flow through windows. Under the slogan "Protect the future of the earth with glass windows," the FGMA is presenting this special glass as a tool for the reduction of CO2 emissions in order to halt global warming.

The Low-E glass has a special metal coating on its inside surface. The coating improves heating and cooling efficiency by reducing heat loss in winter and blocking solar heat in summer, suppressing the consumption of electricity and heating fuel and thus reducing CO2 emissions.

According to an estimate by the association, changing all windows on a detached house in Tokyo to Low-E glass can reduce CO2 emissions by the equivalent of planting 25 beech trees. The price of the Low-E is 1.6 to 1.7 times that of ordinary double grazing unit made of three-millimeter clear panes.

The FGMA is trying to raise public awareness of Low-E glass by using a catchy product name (Eco-glass) and logo, website and pamphlets, advertising in newspapers and magazines, and displaying at events.

Posted: 2007/09/10 01:14:39 PM
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