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August 24, 2007


New Agricultural Policies for 2007 Aim for a Stable Supply of Safe, High-quality Food

Keywords: Food Government 

The "Headquarters for the Promotion of Policies on Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas," located within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, announced the publication on April 4, 2007 of its "21st Century New Agricultural Policies for 2007." These policies establish a strategy for Japan in the 21st century that aims to secure a stable supply of safe, high-quality food sufficient to satisfy the needs of domestic consumers by maximizing the capabilities of agricultural and marine industries.

Details include: 1. establishment of a new national strategy for food and agriculture; 2. policies to strengthen the total capacity of Japanese agriculture; 3. development of food policy from the people's point of view; 4. improved measures for managing resources and the environment and, 5. projects to re-vitalize societies in rural areas such as farming, mountain, and fishing villages.

As these new national strategies for food, agriculture and rural areas are put into place, all Ministries concerned intend to cooperate on policy implementation with the relevant offices located within the administrative structure of the Cabinet Office.

Posted: 2007/08/24 09:41:39 AM
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