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July 9, 2007


Chubu Electric to Start Mixed Combustion with Woody Biomass at Hekinan Coal Thermal Power Station

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On March 27, 2007, Chubu Electric Power Co. in Japan announced that its Hekinan Thermal Power Station will co-combust woody biomass with coal. This is a part of the efforts to meet its obligations under the RPS Law (Special Measures Law concerning the Use of New Forms of Energy, etc., by the Electric Power Industry), which requires power companies to generate a certain amount of electric power from new energy sources (wind power, photovoltaic power, geothermal power, hydro power and biomass energy).

At this station, which generates 4.1 million kW of electricity, two new biomass feeding facilities will be built, one for boiler Nos. 1-3 (output of 700,000 kW each), and one for boiler Nos. 4-5 (output of one million kW each). Woody biomass will be mixed with coal on the coal conveyor, crushed with the existing coal pulverizer and burned together with coal in the boilers.

The station plans to put this system into full-scale operation in fiscal 2009 for Nos. 4-5 and fiscal 2010 for Nos. 1-3. The mixed combustion rate will be approximately two percent of the power output and the equivalent amount of energy from biomass is anticipated to be about 470 million kWh annually. The woody biomass, a byproduct of papermaking, will be imported from foreign countries, and the amount it expects to use will be about 400,000 tons annually.
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Posted: 2007/07/09 11:55:30 AM
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