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April 22, 2007


Rental Apartment Buildings Constructed with Solar Panels for All Units

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Rental apartment buildings equipped with a photovoltaic generation system that is manufactured by Sharp Corp. and linked to all units have been completed in Fukuoka Prefecture in southern Japan. They are the first rental apartment buildings in which all units use solar-generated electricity. These "New Gaea" buildings were constructed by the Shibaura Group, a group of companies that market air-conditioners and solar power panels as well as real estate, in cooperation with Sharp Corp, Kyusyu Electric Power Co. and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

All New Gaea residents sign a contract with Kyusyu Electric Co. to sell it the extra electricity produced for about 25 yen (about 21 U.S. cents) per kilowatt and buy its electricity when needed. Data on the power consumption of tenants of New Gaea Kamiishida (completed in February 2005), New Gaea Tachiarai (completed in February 2006) and New Gaea Takano (completed in March 2006) are disclosed on a website. The average electric utility cost for 43 households in New Gaea Kamiishida was 4,005 yen (about U.S.$34) per month from April 2005 through March 2006.

New Gaea apartments are also equipped with an IH cookstove, a heat-pump hot-water supply unit, a far infrared floor heating system, an air-purifying air conditioner, a water purifier at their main tap, and a dishwasher, all features that contribute to energy conservation and the comfort and safety of residents.

New Gaea apartments received the Minister's Award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry at the 10th New Energy Awards, and the Chairman's Award from the Eco-Products Promotion Council at the third Eco Products Awards. Shibaura Group continues to recruit tenants as units become available, while planning to build and manage more environment friendly apartments that are both comfortable and economical.

Posted: 2007/04/22 08:37:29 AM
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