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April 1, 2007


Survey Shows Lower Room Temperatures Accepted by Winter Shoppers

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The Japanese Ministry of the Environment conducted a survey of comfort levels at temperature settings of 2 degrees Celsius lower than winter norms during the "Warm-Biz" experiment from December 7 to 10, 2006. The questionnaire was aimed at shopping visitors to Ario Sapporo, a complex of shopping malls and amusement facilities in Sapporo, Hokkaido, northern Japan.

At the controlled temperature for the experiment, only 0.6 percent of respondents said they felt cold, while 93.1 percent felt the temperature was appropriate or moderately cool, and 5.7 percent felt too warm. Altogether, 96.7 percent of the respondents supported this type of initiative.

The temperature was set at 21 or 22 degrees Celsius, 2 degrees lower than winter norms and survey answers were collected from 511 respondents on December 9 and 10, 2006. "Warm-Biz" is a national campaign to encourage people to wear more clothing at work in winter in order to reduce the costs of air conditioning.

- 'Warm Biz' Awareness Campaign Cuts CO2 Emissions by 1.41 Million Tons in FY2005 (Related JFS article)

Posted: 2007/04/01 12:52:32 AM
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