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March 16, 2007


Business Ideas Win Awards in 'Eco japan cup 2006'

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The "eco japan cup 2006," an environmental business plan competition run by the Ministry of the Environment, non-profit organizations, businesses and universities, announced award winners in four categories on November 28, 2006. The competition is part of follow-on events related to "Kankyo Dynamite! 2005," a program to stimulate new ideas for environmental business in commemoration of the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan. Its aims are to attract more professionals into environmental business ventures and serve as a platform for entrepreneurial opportunities.

Of 65 entries for business plans and ideas and 95 for environmental artwork, awards for fighting-spirit in the environmental business venture open category were given to an energy service company (ESCO) project with an "ecoBino" system by "e-planet" and the "HOME E-Forest" by Eco Energy Lab Co.

The ESCO business enables logistics/distribution and service franchise chains to reduce energy consumption by introducing information control systems. It received high marks for its strategic focus on target customers and environmental benefits for them. HOME E-Forest is a financial product using environmental information services, set up to increase demand for houses built using timber grown in Japan using sustainable forest practices, utilizing the conventional arrangements of housing loans. Its unique concept and focus earned high marks in the competition.

In the eco-challenge category, the runner-up is a chemical-free farming system that uses residue from brewed Chinese herbs, an approach invented by Mr. Yoshiharu Akai of the Association for Promotion of Chinese Herbs and Safety Measures. In the Social and Ecological Business category, the prize went to a citizen-funded windmill project and green electricity rate systems by Ms. Sakae Sugiyama of Hokkaido Green Fund Co. In the Eco-Art category, Mr. Io Takemura won the award for his photo, titled "Re-Identity," which shows waste from business offices.

Posted: 2007/03/16 03:25:57 PM
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