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February 17, 2007


Environment Ministry Selects Model Projects to Promote 3Rs of Containers and Packaging

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Japan's Ministry of the Environment announced on October 16, 2006, that it launched a program to encourage regional model efforts to promote the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) of containers and packaging through the collaboration of local governments, companies, consumers and others. The program aims to publicize the 3R activities that can serve as models for other areas, and thus to promote regional efforts towards building a recycling-oriented society.

Adopted in the program in fiscal 2006 were the following seven projects: (1) a Glass Bottle Recycling Promoter Association's project to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of returnable bottle collection in model regions; (2) a community model project to promote the 3Rs on the campus of Waseda University and in the surrounding area, implemented by the Waseda University Environmental Research Institute together with the Waseda shopping district association; (3) a model project to reduce disposable plastic bags given at cash registers (called "regi bags") especially through a charge on them, conducted by the Suginami City "Regi Bag" Reduction Promotion Council; (4) a model project to promote the use of returnable glass bottles, by a federation for the returnable bottle promotion model project; (5) a Kyoto University Environment Preservation Center's model project for separate collection of plastic containers and packages; (6) a model project to reduce "regi bags" and promote the 3Rs through a voluntary agreement, conducted by a council for "regi bag" reduction and 3R promotion; and (7) a simple packaging promotion model project aiming to reduce discarded containers and packaging, by a non-profit organization for waste reduction in Japan, "Gomi-jp."

The ministry will monitor the progress of these projects through March 2007, and publicize their results and evaluation.

Posted: 2007/02/17 11:44:28 PM
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