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January 27, 2007


Ministry Launches Winter Household Awareness Campaign to Tackle Global Warming

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In October 2006, the Japan's Ministry of the Environment announced the name for its household campaign to stop global warming as "Uchi Eco!" ("uchi" means "home"). The aim of the campaign is to promote practical and applicable measures that anybody can do at home. It introduces useful lifestyle ideas via the media and the Ministry's website.

One interesting idea for saving electricity, introduced on the website, is for families to enjoy the traditional "nabe" (people sit together at a table on which a heater cooks a pot of stew), as this reduces the need for room heating. Other ideas and suggestions for things to do at home include wearing moisture-retaining thermal underwear, and putting the lids down on heated toilet seats.

The emissions of carbon dioxide from households continue to rise due to the fact that the number of households is increasing in Japan. A rough estimate of household emissions for fiscal 2005 is 175 million tons, up approximately 37 percent from fiscal 1990. In contrast, the manufacturing sector succeeded in reducing emissions by 3 percent. Urgent actions for emission reduction are therefore needed at the household level.

Posted: 2007/01/27 06:17:08 PM
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