December 22, 2006


Poll Confirms that Media Contributes National Interest in Nature

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According to poll results released by Japan's Cabinet Office in September 2006, nearly half of those with an interest in nature believe that their interest arose from their own experiences or media influences, such as TV and radio reporting of environmental destruction.

The nationwide poll was conducted in June and July 2006, and targeted 3,000 people aged of 20 years or over (valid response rate: 61%). Of the 1,571 respondents who answered "Have interest in nature," 48.6% stated that they became interested after "Directly seeing or hearing about nature being destroyed by development," and 46.7% answered "Through TV or radio programs about nature" (multiple answers allowed).

To the question "What do you think are good ways to enhance the appreciation of nature?," the most respondents (66.8%) answered "Promoting conservation programs in schools and communities," followed by "Increasing awareness of the importance of nature conservation through television, newspapers or posters (35.1%)" and "Strengthening instructions or surveillance against the act of destroying nature, such as littering (26.9%)" (up to two answers allowed).

To the question "Do you want to participate in nature conservation activities?," over 70% of respondents answered "Yes," and activities many people want to participate in were "Clean-up of parks, riverbanks and beaches (64.8%)" and "Greening of public places, such as by planting and caring for plants (42.5%)" (up to two answers allowed).


Posted: 2006/12/22 12:25:01 PM
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