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December 7, 2006


Registration System for Environmental Counselors Marks 10th Anniversary

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Japan's Environmental Counselor Registration System, aiming to promote environmental education and conservation activities, marked its tenth anniversary in September 2006. Registered by the Ministry of the Environment after a screening process, the counselors give advice and guidance on green activities to citizens, non-governmental organizations and businesses based on their expertise and experiences in environmental conservation. The counselors are also engaged themselves in environmental conservation activities.

The number of registered counselors has been steadily increasing, and exceeded 4,000 in September 2006. Information about registered counselors can be obtained on the Environmental Counselors' website, where those who need advice or guidance on the environment can find and contact counselors satisfying their needs.

Supported by counselors, various activities have been carried out to meet current needs in different communities. For example, residents and farmers recovered the Tameike reservoirs in Fukuoka Prefecture, and elementary school children learned that waste oil is a bio-energy resource through an experiment to power a diesel engine automobile with used cooking oil they collected from households in Kyoto Prefecture.


Posted: 2006/12/07 12:56:36 PM
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