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November 23, 2006


Customers Accept Warmer Department Stores in Summer

Keywords: Energy Conservation Government Non-manufacturing industry 

Almost all (95.9 percent) customers at a department store were comfortable with the air conditioning set 2 degrees Celsius warmer than normally done in summer, the Ministry of the Environment reported on August 21, 2006. This finding was based on the results of a questionnaire used during the ministry's trial program for three days between July 31 and August 3, 2006 to set air-conditioner temperatures slightly warmer on the second, fourth, and sixth floors of Mitsukoshi Main Store Nihombashi New Annex, one of Japan's largest department stores, located in Nihombashi, Tokyo.

A total of 379 people (93 men, 286 women) responded to the questionnaire. Among valid responses, 98 percent said they felt the room was comfortable, or felt a little hot but had no problems. Only 1.6 percent answered that they felt it was too hot.

Asked if the effort of setting air-conditioners slightly warmer to reduce their energy consumption in summer should be continued to mitigate global warming, about 96 percent agreed. Regarding this test, 48 percent answered that this was a good action for other department stores to take as well, and 43 percent replied that this action should be applied to all Mitsukoshi stores.

Posted: 2006/11/23 03:30:08 PM
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