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March 15, 2006


Railways Group Creates Total Recycling System of Food Wastes

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In October, 2005, Keio Corporation, an urban railway group operating in Tokyo, started selling organic vegetables, grown with organic fertilizers made from food wastes, at Keio Stores also supplying them to a restaurant in the Keio Plaza Hotel, both affiliated to the company. This is part of Keio's recycling projects aiming to preserve the environment, and its first major milestone in establishing a total recycling system for food waste.

In this system, companies in the Keio Group send their daily food wastes to Agri-Gaia System Co., an affiliated environmental venture business in Chiba Prefecture, where the wastes are turned into fertilizers. Local farmers under contract grow vegetables using the organic fertilizers, and then the vegetables are sold at Keio stores and prepared for dishes at the hotel restaurant.

Since August 2004, the Keio Group has been actively operating environmental recycling businesses and gaining expertise in this field. With this expertise, the company plans to propose and help build such food waste recycling systems for other enterprises.

Posted: 2006/03/15 09:51:14 AM
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