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January 12, 2006


Waste-to-Cement Material Recycling Project Awarded

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The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced the winners of the 2005 Awards for Resource-Recycling Technologies and Systems on October 7, 2005. With the aims to promote resource recycling by inviting and encouraging excellent businesses and initiatives that reduce waste generation, reuse used products, and use recycled resources effectively, the program has been conducted jointly by the ministry and the Clean Japan Center since 1975.

In fiscal 2005, among 34 applications from 35 companies and six organizations, two items won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award: Taiheiyo Cement Corp.'s recycling project of urban waste into cement materials and Kobe Steel Ltd.'s development of the FASTMET recycling process for steel mill dust using rotary hearth furnaces.

In the Taiheiyo Cement project, general wastes from households and businesses are recycled into fuel for cement production by biodegrading them in applied cement kilns.

With the FASTMET process for direct reduction using rotary hearth furnaces, Kobe Steel succeeded in recycling iron mill dust from blast furnaces that had until now been difficult to recycle, and at the same time, in recovering volatile components such as zinc, allowing the recovery of highly pure iron materials. The technology will contribute to achieving zero emissions in steel mills through the full utilization of mill dust.

Posted: 2006/01/12 09:17:08 AM
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