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July 21, 2004


100% Natural Bio Detergent Uses Microorganisms to Remove Stains

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Advance Mfg. Co., a Japanese company that produces and sells environmentally friendly products, has developed a detergent named "Toreru No.1," which removes dirt using microorganisms.

Widely used surfactant-based detergents remove oily stains by forming a thin layer on the surface, but this new product breaks down organic matter by the metabolic power of microorganisms such as bacillus natto, aspergillus, lactic fermentation bacteria, and yeast cells.

Cleaning by surfactants simply sends dirt down the drain without decomposing it, and this approach leads to water pollution. In contrast, since the decomposing power of these microorganisms lasts semi-permanently in wastewater, it can also continue to clean water pathways all the way from sewage lines to the sea and rivers.

This product is a 100 percent natural biological detergent composed of natural water (95%), rice bran and wheat bran (3%), and waste vegetable oil (2%). Not only it is harmless to humans and animals and therefore safe to use, it is also soft on hands because one of its ingredients, rice bran, has a moisturizing effect. It is a low-foaming detergent, so less water is needed for washing and rinsing. It has a strong deodorizing effect because it decomposes ammonia, which causes bad smell. Furthermore, Toreru No.1 removes tough oily stains quickly. It can be widely used such as for dish washing, hand washing, cleaning toilets and tubs, and washing clothes.

Posted: 2004/07/21 01:18:03 PM
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