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March 17, 2003


Environment Ministry Recruits Chemical Advisors

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Japan's Minister of the Environment recently launched a pilot project to train "chemical advisors" to help raise the level of understanding about issues surrounding the use of chemicals and chemical "risk communication" from companies. Under the project, the advisors will be trained, registered and given tasks on a trial basis. The project aims to assess public needs as well as the types of abilities and tasks that will be required of the advisors.

The advisors will answer requests from citizens, private businesses, and governments on chemicals and their environmental risks, as well as the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) system, and provide information to help promote a common basis of understanding of these issues among various sectors of society. Specifically, they will be expected to take part in lectures and explanatory meetings for citizens' groups and companies, attend meetings to provide advice, and introduce other specialists when necessary.

This is the fist time that the ministry has sought applications for such a program. Applicants will be narrowed down to about 20 who meet qualifications and pass a pre-examination. The ministry has set up a special web site for prospective chemical advisors and offers the course's text materials for downloading. Participation in the system is on a volunteer basis, and prime candidates are people who have a university degree relating to chemicals as well as at least five years of related work experience.

Posted: 2003/03/17 02:27:19 PM
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