Biodiversity / Food / Water

Biodiversity is the foundation of our lives, society and economy. This section presents the status in Japan of biodiversity, conservation efforts, initiatives to promote the more sustainable use of water resources, and food issues.
Jan 23, 2017
Patagonia Japan Branch of a global manufacturer of outdoor clothing and goods b...
Jan 19, 2017
There are various environmental and social issues, the solutions to which requ...
Nov 30, 2016
In Japan, five to eight million tons of food products are disposed of annually...
LIXIL Portable Toilet to Exceed One Million Units in Developing Countries
Oct 27, 2016
LIXIL Corp., a Japanese living and housing solutions company, announced on May ...
Research Institutes Collaborate to Create Global Map of CO2 Emissions from Soil
Oct 23, 2016
The Japanese Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute announced on March...
Sharing Values of Food Self-Sufficiency to Answer Unfavorable Rumors
Sep 14, 2016
The JKSK Yui-Yui project, an initiative to support people in Japan affected by...
Marginal Community, Urban Citizens, College Students Collaborate for Kodomo-Shokudo Project
Jul 29, 2016
It has been just over a year since I started the Edahiro Laboratory, working w...
Agricultural Products as Another Pillar
Jul 23, 2016
Tohoku Fukko Nikki (Tohoku Reconstruction Diary) is a weekly article that appea...
Initiative by Cuts Food Waste in Japan and Saves Money
Jul 7, 2016
An estimated 6.42 million tons of food loss and waste is generated annually in...
Japanese NPO launches
Jul 4, 2016
The organizing committee of Inochi no Mori (Forest of Life), an environmental i...
Tree Planting Initiative in Disaster-Affected Town
Jun 27, 2016
On March 6, 2016, nearly five years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the...
Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello Wins Minister's Award at 3rd Mottainai Awards for Food-Packaging Film
Jun 5, 2016
The Japan Organics Recycling Association announced on February 18, 2016, the re...
Sustainable Fishery Catches Only 30% of Fish Entering Net -- Etchu-type Set Net Fishing in Himi
May 31, 2016
Japanese and Fisheries The depletion of fishery resources and collapse of fish...

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