The global environment is deteriorating. The global financial system is still far from stable. In this world of ever-increasing instability and uncertainty, "resilience" -- the capacity to flexibly recover in any circumstances -- is becoming extremely important. This section is about efforts and initiatives to increase resilience in lifestyle, community, organizations, and society.
Oct 10, 2016
In June 2016, a Japanese nonprofit group called "work with Pride" (wwP) announ...
Oct 6, 2016
Tohoku Fukko Nikki (Tohoku Reconstruction Diary), a weekly feature in the Toky...
Sep 30, 2016
Building a society with a healthy lifestyle, where even the elderly can lead a...
Sharing Values of Food Self-Sufficiency to Answer Unfavorable Rumors
Sep 14, 2016
The JKSK Yui-Yui project, an initiative to support people in Japan affected by...
Tree Planting Initiative in Disaster-Affected Town
Jun 27, 2016
On March 6, 2016, nearly five years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the...
Learning from the Past: Traditional Flood Control Systems in Japan's Kofu Basin
May 11, 2016
Incidents of heavy rains and floods are increasing around the world as the imp...
'Community Car Sharing' Supports the Bond of Mutual Aid
Apr 28, 2016
Even before the disaster, Japan's Tohoku (northeastern) region had many areas ...
Escape Road Construction Petition Submitted to Diet
Mar 10, 2016
Tohoku Fukko Nikki (Tohoku Reconstruction Diary) is a weekly article that appe...
Tree Planting Initiatives to Develop Disaster Prevention Green Spaces
Feb 3, 2016
The JKSK Yui-Yui project, an initiative to support people in Japan affected by...
Association Launches First Japan Resilience Award
Sep 6, 2015
The Association for Resilience Japan held its first Japan Resilience Award cer...
LIXIL and Tohoku University Unveil Toilet Lighting System That Works Even in Blackouts
Aug 17, 2015
Since July 2014, LIXIL, a Japanese living and housing solutions company, and To...
Tokyo Gas Teaches Children Power and Benefits of Fire
Jul 3, 2015
The number of children who have never handled fire has increased in recent year...
Shibuya City First in Japan to Recognize Same-Sex Partnerships
Jun 20, 2015
Tokyo's Shibuya City enacted an ordinance on April 1, 2015, which is being call...

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