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November 16, 2011


Vegetables Being Grown without Soil Using New Dry Fog Aeroponics System

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JFS/Vegetables Being Grown without Soil Using New Dry Fog Aeroponics System
Remarkably growing root hairs
Copyright Agricultural and Marine Product Division, the Industry and Agriculture Promotion Bureau of Kobe City

Kobe University, Kobe City, Kobe Wine Co., and H. Ikeuchi & Co., announced on July 7, 2011, their joint project on the research and development of an eco-friendly, low-cost horticulture system using extremely fine, non-wetting mist. The project is part of the city's agriculture promotion scheme in the Kobe area. The world's first dry fog greenhouse horticulture system is to be introduced at the Kobe Municipal Fruit & Flower Park.

Strawberries, lettuce, and tomatoes are being cultivated using the new "aeroponic" method. Unlike hydroponic growing methods, the new system keeps the roots of plants suspended in the air. A liquid fertilizer is atomized as a smoky, dry fog and sprayed into the root area of the cultivation apparatus. The innovative system, thus, allows a remarkable growth of root hairs for more efficient nutrient uptake.

The dry fog system is also expected to be used for cooling inside a greenhouse. Compared to conventional greenhouses with air conditioning heat pumps, facilities with the new system using the vaporization heat of fog can be operated with reduced environmental impact, save on electricity costs by one-fortieth and total operating costs, including water bills, by one-tenth. The joint project includes conducting demonstration tests of the cooling system as well.

The new system will enable the cultivation of tomatoes and strawberries during summer in urban areas such as Kobe and Osaka, which is currently very challenging. It will also enable environmentally low-impact distribution. The joint project is aimed at introducing and promoting the system into actual production sites.

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