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February 13, 2014


Citizens' Commission on Nuclear Energy Lays out Steps for a Nuclear-free Japan

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The Citizens' Commission on Nuclear Energy (CCNE), a citizens group advocating a nuclear-free society, published in October 2013 an interim report on the process to achieve a nuclear-free Japan. Hoping that the report serves as a catalyst for generating public opinions, the CCNE laid out specific steps toward the goal for the first time.

In the report, the CCNE proposes that the government make it a basic national policy to make Japan nuclear-free by banning and taking steps to decommission all nuclear plants under national consensus. The report also suggests specific measures, such as drastically changing existing legal framework and political, administrative and financial systems, including the Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damages, and establishing a fundamental law for energy conservation and a shift to renewable energy.

Since its establishment in April, the CCNE has carried out discussions on the full extent of the damages relating to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, treatment and disposal of radioactive wastes, and nuclear regulations, which the report also summarizes.

The CCNE presented the interim report as a basis for discussion and has been initiating dialogue meetings across Japan. It will continue discussions with various stakeholders within Japan and abroad, and compile its "Policy Outlines for a Nuclear Phase-out" by March 2014.

Kazuko Kojima