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June 17, 2013


"Nuclear-Free Economics" Campaign to Revitalize Economy Launched

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Nuclear-Free Economics Campaign to Revitalize Economy Launched
Copyright Association for nuclear power phase-out and new energy policy

A symposium was held in Tokyo on March 27, 2013, to mark the launch of the "Gempatsu Zeronomics" (nuclear-free economics) campaign, which aims to heighten momentum toward de-nuclearization of Japan's energy. The campaign was initiated by organizations such as e-shift (an association for nuclear power phase-out and new energy policy) and a network of organizations and individuals to promote energy policies for sustainability and the phasing-out of nuclear power.

According to a national dialogue initiated by the Japanese government in the summer of 2012, nearly 90% of public comments received supported Japan being "nuclear-free by 2030." In response, the Japanese government set forth a policy to "achieve a nuclear-free Japan by the 2030s." However, in January 2013, the current Abe administration declared a completely new policy review of this goal advocated by the previous administration. To coincide with the upper house election, expected to take place in July 2013, the campaign started to seek public support, reiterating public opinion for a nuclear-free world. By June, it expects the number of people supporting its mission to exceed 100,000.