February 11, 2013


Nerima Ward Starts Support Services for Disadvantaged Shoppers

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JFS/Nerima Ward Starts Support Services for Disadvantaged Shoppers
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Nerima Ward, Tokyo, launched a model project in two areas in September 2012, to support disadvantaged shoppers who live far away from local shopping areas, or have difficulties in carrying heavy packages.

In Shakujii area, a community shop called "Welcome" was opened on September 3, 2012, in collaboration with the Shakujiikoen Shopping District Promotion Association, the Shimo-Shakujii Shopping District Promotion Association, and a non-profit organization "NPO Welfare Salon." At the shop, people can buy and arrange delivery of products from local shopping areas, as well as using the location to rest and socialize. The shop also provides services, such as offering advice on everyday affairs, holding seminars and lessons, holding dinner parties and, for a fee, offering personal care.

In Kita-Machi area, a variety of programs started on September 17, 2012, in collaboration with three shopping district promotion associations in Kita-Ichi, Kita-Machi and New Kita-Machi, and a non-profit organization "Minna-no Ichiba" ("Everyone's Market" in English), including a service to return empty-handed, in which commodities purchased at local shopping areas are delivered, and a mobile store service with a cargo trike that visits residential areas far from the shopping area and sells locally grown vegetables or products from local shops. In addition, these three shopping district promotion associations, together with a general incorporated association "Fureai Cyclo" ("Cycle with communication" in English), started the "Cyclopolitain" transportation service, which uses three-wheeled bicycle taxis to transport shoppers.