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June 1, 2012


Panasonic and Others Win 2011 Energy Conservation Award

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JFS/Panasonic and Others Win 2011 Energy Conservation Award
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The Energy Conservation Center of Japan (ECCJ) announced on January 23, 2012, its selection of award winners for the 2011 Energy Conservation Award. Awards are given in two categories: energy conservation case examples and product and business models. ECCJ chose 22 cases and 20 cases as award winners in each category, respectively.

The Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Award went to Panasonic's corporate efforts to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by harnessing environmental contributions for business expansion and other cases. The company established a CO2 reduction committee made up of members from all of its manufacturing bases and under direct management of the president, enabling quick communication and centralized decision-making. The company has also installed energy measuring instruments at each of its bases to help with visualizing energy consumption, analyzing extracted data, and verifying the effects of reduction efforts.

Moreover, the company has been implementing CO2 reduction measures proposed by in-house specialists based on global energy audits. The 1,100 energy-saving ideas obtained so far were categorized and translated into Japanese, English, and Chinese for further application outside their respective countries. Owing to these efforts, the company has successfully reduced energy use by 374,000 kl (crude oil equivalent, compared to 2006 levels) in 2010.

Posted: 2012/06/01 06:00:15 AM