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March 11, 2012


Johnan Shinkin Bank Announces Switch to Non-Nuclear Electric Power Contract

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Johnan Shinkin Bank, part of Japan's credit union industry and a major company with branches in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture, in the metropolitan area, announced on December 2, 2011, that it had switched to an electric power company that does not use nuclear power to generate electricity.

The bank said it had canceled its contract for electricity supply for its headquarters and each of its branches -- formerly with Tokyo Electric Power Company, which promotes nuclear power generation -- as part of its "Safe Society not Dependant on Nuclear Power" program, which was announced in April 2011. It now sources all of its electricity needs from Ennet (a power producer and supplier, or PPS, established by NTT Facilities Inc., Tokyo Gas Co., and Osaka Gas) that does not rely on nuclear power. Ennet buys and sells electricity produced from renewable energy and private surplus electricity.

The credit union says that if all Japanese enterprises also switched to PPSs, it would trigger an increase in the power supplied by PPSs and resolve problems with electricity shortages, which Tokyo Electric Power Company and others insist remains a threat. It says that the supply of electricity not relying on nuclear power would increase, and the need for nuclear power plant maintenance would disappear, thus making its goal of a safe society that does not depend on nuclear power generation a certainty.

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Posted: 2012/03/11 06:00:15 AM

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