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May 16, 2011


Japanese Rail Co. Turning Major Train Station into 'Eco-Station'

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East Japan Railway Company (JR East) announced on February 8, 2011, that it would start work on improving its Yotsuya Station on the Chuo Line in central Tokyo from spring of 2011, as the first model station for its "Eco-Station" project. This includes introducing environment-friendly features and technologies such as energy saving and renewable energy, as outlined in its "JR East 2020 Vision."

The Eco-Station project consists of four main components: (1) energy conservation, by introducing advanced technologies; (2) energy creation, by proactive adoption of renewable energy; (3) eco-awareness, by developing facilities that enable visitors to experience an eco-friendly environment; and (4) environmental harmonization features to liven up the station area through a balanced relationship between people and the environment.

Located in the richly green area of the outer moat remains of Edo Castle, the plan for Yotsuya Station is to utilize the surrounding environment for the project's aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent from fiscal 2008 levels. The details of the changes include energy conservation, by introducing LED lighting in platforms and concourses and rearranging the deployment of electric switches and setting electric energy meters; eco-creation, by installing a solar power generator on the roof of the station building; eco-awareness, by setting up an eco-information display board and improving the thermal environment in the pedestrian walkway; and environmental harmonization, by providing a small park on the roof of the station and the greening of retaining walls.

JR East will continue promoting its Eco-Station project for implementation at other stations. The company is considering Kaihimmakuhari Station on the Keiyo Line, about 30 kilometers east of Tokyo Station, as its next model station of the project.

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