January 23, 2011


Tokyo Electric Power Wins Minister Award for Gender Equality

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Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) announced on September 30, 2010, that it won a special award presented by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) under the category of gender equality at the MHLW FY2010 Corporate Awards for Promotion of Gender Equality and Good Life-Work Balance. TEPCO is the first utility firm to win an award of this kind.

MHLW established the award program to honor companies that set an example in their efforts to make better use of female workers' potential and support a better balance between work and child-raising or nursing-care. In 2005 TEPCO had won a Prefectural Governments Labor Director Award through the same award program. The recent Minister Award is a high-level award, which is given only to companies that make an acknowledged impact in addition to their exemplary efforts.

Since it established a diversity promotion office in February 2006, TEPCO has been actively promoting initiatives to create workplaces where all employees can find motivation and use their abilities. These initiatives include: promoting the use of women's abilities in management planning since 2007; delivering positive messages from executives to support women; and strengthening recruitment of female engineers. As a result, the company has made progress in increasing the number of female engineers, expanding work fields for women, and raising the number of female executives.

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