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December 28, 2010


MLIT Check-Up Finds 69% of Policy Indicators Show Progress in FY2009

Keywords: Government Policy / Systems 

Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) released on July 27, 2010, results of its 2009 check-up on policies and measures under its Basic Plan for Policy Evaluation. According to the results, 69 percent of outcome indicators were evaluated as "A," which means showing progress towards goals; 26 percent evaluated as "B," which means not showing progress; and 5 percent evaluated as "C," which means impossible to evaluate.

The MLIT does a check-up on its policies and measures when examining its budgetary request prior to submitting it to the Ministry of Finance. Every year, the MLIT evaluates the outcomes of the previous year to grasp the progress toward goals, identifies problems and examines how to improve its policies and measures.

In the 2009 check-up, its eighth check-up, the achievement of 233 indicators for 13 policy targets were measured and evaluated. The indicators were also categorized into three groups: 1. To be improved, 2. To be maintained, and 3. To be abandoned.

Indicators evaluated as A include the rate of restored waterfront in riverside and coastal areas, and the number of cities coping with comprehensive urban environmental protection on the district and block levels. Meanwhile, B was given to the rate of housing stock which had adopted energy conservation measures, and modal-shift related indicators such as the volume of freight by ship which increases along with the shift in transportation from trucks to ships.

Posted: 2010/12/28 06:00:15 AM