October 5, 2010


Experiences in Nature and Playing with Friends Play Important Role in Nurturing Children

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Japan's National Institution for Youth Education released on May 24, 2010, the interim report on its research for the promotion of appropriate and effective activities for each development stage of children. According to the report, childhood experiences have a great impact on the building of personalities and abilities (power of experiences). In particular, "friends, plants and animals" are important for children up to the lower grades in elementary school, while "community, family and nature" are critical for children in the higher grades of elementary school and in junior high school.

Comparing childhood experiences by age group, younger children have more experiences with plants and animals between pre-school and early elementary school grades, and less experience with nature and involvement with friends during the period from late elementary school to junior high school.

These results suggest that it in order to raise sound youth it is important to encourage children to have rich experiences with nature and friends as well as to promote a close relationship with friends, plants and animals until early elementary school grades, and with community and family during the period between late elementary school and junior high school.

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Posted: 2010/10/05 06:00:15 AM