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August 21, 2008


Revised Energy Conservation Law Enhances Measures for Offices and Homes

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A bill to amend part of the Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy was passed during a plenary session of the House of Councilors on May 23, 2008. The amendment focuses on energy conservation measures in the commercial and household sectors, where energy consumption is increasing sharply, as well as in the industrial sector, where significant efforts have been already made to save energy.

The first part of the amendment deals with enhancing energy conservation measures in factories and offices. The law now requires only large-scale factories and offices to control energy consumption, taking each site as a single unit. To enhance energy conservation measures not only in factories involved in manufacturing but also at commercial sector facilities such as offices and convenience stores, the amended law will obligate each business enterprise to manage energy on the company or corporation level. Franchises will be regarded as a single corporation and be subject to the same restrictions.

The second part of the amendment aims to enhance energy conservation measures in homes and buildings. The law now requires those who plan to construct large homes or buildings in excess of 2000 square meters to submit reports on energy conservation efforts; the amendment expands this obligation to small and medium-sized homes and buildings. Additionally, the amended law will include measures for encouraging companies engaged in the construction and sales of homes to put more effort into energy conservation.

Through these amendments, Japan aims to reduce CO2 emissions and curb global warming, as well as to make efficient use of fuel resources that are now undergoing extreme price increases. The amendments will come into force in April 2009.
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Posted: 2008/08/21 10:23:09 AM