February 12, 2008


Sharp Corp. Eco-Education Program with Weathercasters Expanding to More Elementary Schools

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Sharp Corp. announced on September 13, 2007, that it is expanding its environmental education program for elementary school students to about 20,000 students in 315 schools in Japan in the second half of fiscal 2007 (October–March). The program has been run jointly by Sharp with the Japanese non-profit organization Weather Caster Network since October 2006. In the first half, the program was conducted in 215 schools with about 15,000 students. The 2007 target is set at 530 schools with about 35,000 students.

Under the program, Sharp company employees and network members, including television weathercasters, visit elementary schools as the "Eco Navigators" and conduct an environmental education program through conversation and experience-based experiments on global warming, recycling, and new energy sources such as solar power. They also promote a campaign to encourage students to reduce their individual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by one kilogram per day in their daily lives.

Meanwhile, the company also launched its eco-education website called "Minnade Eco Fan" (Let's Enjoy Eco-life Together) on September 25, 2007, to help students apply what they have learned at school in their daily lives. The website provides reports by elementary students that have gone through the environmental education program, comments from weathercasters, and a column that provides tips on following through with environmental practices at home, all with the aim of giving students activities to do at home based on what they have learned from the eco-education program.
- National Campaign Aims to Reduce Individual CO2 Emissions by 1 kg per Day (Related JFS article)

Posted: 2008/02/12 09:02:48 AM
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