October 27, 2007


Survey Shows 65% of Japanese Familiar with 'Food Education'

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In May 2007, the Japanese government's Cabinet Office released the results of a questionnaire survey on food education. Survey results showed that 65.2 percent of the respondents were aware of the phrase "food education," although only 33.9 percent knew what it meant. The survey was conducted to gauge people's awareness of food education and related citizens' movements as a reference for drawing up future food education policy.

The nationwide survey interviewed 3,000 people aged 20 or over, of whom 1,831 (61.0 percent) returned viable replies.

Asked for areas of interest in relation to promoting food education as a national movement, 59.1 percent of respondents replied 'deepening understanding of food safety issues,' while 33.5 percent noted an interest in environmental issues such as reduction of food waste or food recycling. As for practicing food education at home, 89.1 percent said they try to eat regularly, though only 58.4 percent of male respondents in their twenties were concerned about proper diet.

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Posted: 2007/10/27 03:36:08 PM
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