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July 21, 2007


Japan Meteorological Agency Announces 'Climatic Risk Map of Extreme Events'

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On March 28, 2007, the Japan Meteorological Agency released the Climatic Risk Map of Extreme Events, based on observation data from over 100 years. On this map, the frequency of abnormal weather patterns noted at specific observation sites, as well as trends in long-term changes, are noted in a table format based as requested by local governments. The map was created because of concerns about an increase in abnormal weather due to climate change trends, such as global warming.

Specifically, the following items are shown; (1) "probability precipitation" or daily precipitation that occurs as infrequently as once in 100 years is estimated at 51 sites across Japan, and (2) the number of days of heavy rain (daily precipitation over 100 millimeters) per Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System (AMEDAS), which has 1,300 sites nationwide.

The Agency plans to increase the number of observation sites and items, and update information on its website once a year. In the future, it will provide information concerning the frequency of abnormal weather nationwide as a result of global warming by using the results of a global warming prediction experiment.

Posted: 2007/07/21 03:26:35 PM
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