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August 11, 2006


Home Appliance Recycling Rate in FY2005 Exceeds Minimum Requirement for 5th Straight Year

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Recycling rates for all four kinds of targeted household appliances in fiscal 2005 exceeded the requirements specified under the "Law for Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances," it was announced by Japanese home appliance manufacturers and the Association for Electric Home Appliances on May 26, 2006. This law went into force in April 2001 and promotes the collection and recycling of four kinds of used household appliances: air conditioners, television sets, refrigerators and washing machines.

Approximately 11.62 million of these home appliances were collected at designated sites nationwide in fiscal 2005, up 3.6 percent from the previous year, while 11.63 million were brought to recycling plants or facilities operated by home appliance manufacturers, up 3.8 percent from the previous year.

Of the used household appliances brought to recycling facilities, 84 percent of the air conditioners, 77 percent of the television sets, 66 percent of the refrigerators and 75 percent of the washing machines were recycled. The required recycling rates by weight for each kind of appliances are 60 percent, 55 percent, 50 percent and 50 percent respectively. Thus, the requirements were met, and this was for the fifth straight year.

During the recycling process, fluorocarbons were also recovered and destroyed, of which 1,100 tons had been used as refrigerants in air conditioners, 310 tons as refrigerants in refrigerators and 610 tons contained in refrigerator insulation foam.
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Posted: 2006/08/11 10:09:51 AM
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