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February 8, 2006


Tree-Planting Added to Campaign to Reduce Plastic Bag Use

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The Ogaki Citizens' Conference for the Environment, a cooperative organization involving citizens, companies and the Ogaki City administration in Gifu Prefecture, started a program dubbed "Say No to Plastic Bags and Plant a Tree" on October 1, 2005, in order to reinforce its ongoing campaign calling on shoppers to refuse plastic bags.

Those wanting to participate in the program can go either to the Conference's office, City Hall, or member stores to receive a "No Plastic Bag" point card that is stamped every time the person refuses a plastic bag at participating stores' checkout counters. Filling four 25-point cards (totaling 100 points) entitles the card holder to claim ownership of a tree seedling at the Conference office, City Hall, or any of the City's branch offices.

It is possible to share seedling ownership. A maximum of four people, each holding a minimum of 25 points, can claim the ownership of cherry blossom or other tree seedling, which will be planted in municipal parks or along the streets.

The Conference is calling on more citizens and stores to participate; as of October 1, 2005, they had 14 corporate members. The city is encouraging many more retailers to support the program.

Posted: 2006/02/08 02:02:51 PM
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