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November 20, 2005


Tokyo Gas Recruits More People for Residential Fuel Cell Trial

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Tokyo Gas Co. began recruiting people as "monitors" to test the operation of LIFUEL, a fuel cell (FC) system unit developed for residential use, on June 29, 2005. The company plans to sell 200 LIFUEL units for monitoring in fiscal 2005, based on its experience with 20 units installed recently, applicants for which were accepted from January to March 2005.

LIFUEL is an energy-efficient co-generation system, extracting hydrogen from natural gas to use in a chemical reaction with oxygen in the air to generate electricity, while using heat created as a by-product to supply hot water. It is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 40 percent and primary energy consumption by about 26 percent compared with conventional systems, the company said.

The monitoring units should be installed at single-family houses located in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and the southern part of Saitama Prefecture where Tokyo Gas supplies gas. Monitors are required to enter into FC Partnership Agreements, under which they agree to cooperate with Tokyo Gas for three years after installation, by answering questionnaires and providing operating data. All data and survey results will be used to improve the performance of LIFUEL.

Tokyo Gas hopes to contribute to the global environment by promoting residential fuel cell co-generation systems.

Posted: 2005/11/20 09:50:39 AM
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