July 30, 2005


Sixty Percent of Young Housewives Unable to Find Jobs

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Less than 50 percent of women keep their jobs after getting married, and nearly 60 percent of women jobseekers who have married or given birth are unable to find jobs, according to the second survey results of the Longitudinal Survey of Babies in 21st Century [sic] released by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) in March, 2005.

Aiming to produce basic data for devising countermeasures to the nation's falling birthrate, the first survey was conducted at the end of October 2002, targeting citizens in the 20-34 age bracket nationwide. The second survey was conducted in November 2003, targeting 25,000 of those who responded to the first survey.

The most dominant reason for women leaving employment during the survey period was "getting married" (52.6 percent). "Childbirth" or "child-raising" topped the married women's list with 86.7 percent. A distant second was "difficulty in taking a child-care leave," with 15 percent.


Posted: 2005/07/30 07:42:51 AM
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